Soil and Cases

Tia J. and DaiJah D.

Importance of Soil.

  1. Because unlike the more obvious bright transfer colors of blood, lipstick smears, and paint, soil is nearly invisible. Fine soil materials, especially when they impregnate vehicle carpeting, shoes or clothing, are often not visible to the naked eye; a suspect will often make little effort to remove them, and sometimes they fail to keep from leaving that piece of evidence behind. Along with that, soil can give a solid location along with a direct area of were the suspect could've done the crime.

What ate Some Analyzing Techniques?

1.) Observing with the naked eye, the way the soil sits on the shovel/clothing ect.

2.) Observing under a microscope to see the different types of grains that are within the soil.

4.) Going from there, trying to detect exactly what the pH level is of the soil.

5.) X-ray diffraction, a technique that identifies crystalline minerals by the patterns their atoms scatter back when X-rays are directed at the sample.

Soil Being Looked For?

They're mainly looking for the consistency of the soil, and the pH levels that are within the soil. Then they're also looking for the irregular shapes and sizes of the minerals. Then trying to look to see if the area had been dry and no water, or if the area had been wet and murky. Along with a distinct and recognizable profile.

How did these cases relate?

They all were related in the way the some had been observed also with the way they were executed (Besides the eggs). They all were closely examined and gave the direct location and area that the soil was located.