Neolithic Revolution

by;Adrian Mariscal

The neolithic revolution

A revoulusion is a widespread change of life.When humans largely shifted away from living roaming hunter gathers and began farming in settle agrarion cummunities.It didn't happen quickly it occurred gradully over several thousand years.they moved place to place fallowing the animal migration because of the food and the water.seasonal movement of animals from one region to another region.The firtle cresent allowed people to settle down because they found many natrual recources like water animals plants and rich soil.Some people settled in the areas and learned how to help plant life but some continue to hunt and gather food.The first settle men appeard in about 14 to 11 thousand years ago.Another place people began to settle down and built civilization are china,india,peru,egypt,and mexico.As people traveled they ate and gathered food from wild plants when the recources ran out ,the people had to move to a new location,if your wondering what Cultivate means it means to prepare and use land for crops or gardens.The reason that people settled in one place because they learned how to cultivate.people needed new ways to produce food because they where running out of food to feed everybody.Archeologist believe that woman where the first people to began farming because they were responsible for gathering wild food.Woman likely learned how to cultivate crops because they noticed patterns in the crowth of wild plants.The job for men where to hunt for food,2 invention that they used to grow plants are firtilizers,and farming tools,and one firtilizers is cow manure.People stored their crops by using a large hole in the ground ans buildings to store crops,if your wonderind what domestication means an adaption to intiminate assosiation with human beings.The steps that people used to domesticate wheat is the seeds that had the most grain per plant,then stored the seeds to plant the following year 3 areas in the world that farming developed is in the middle east,china,and america.The middle east grew figs,intils,and rye,China grew millet,and rice,and americans grew corn,beans,and savash The conection between farming and civilization is that since farming happened people didn't worry about food and water.Did you know that dogs were the first domesticated animals.The dogs were descondants from wolves.Dogs were were used to help hunt.People domesticated animals about 10,000 years ago,they were hunting,people directed those animals to rich food sources.Goats and Sheep were the fist because they were easy to domesticate because of their sizes ,their tameness,and their plant based diet.Sheep and Goat provide people for food,wool,hides,milk,and manure.I think cow,ok,and bull were used to help with labor in the fields,and came to be known as the beast of burden,If your wondering what beast of burden means fields.Diseases were a problem with domesticated animals because the diseases spread from animal population to human population.Domestication alerted changed the coordinates humans needed to survive instead of hunting and gathering.People can farm and raise animals and produce a surplus of food.Domestication helped to set the stage for the growed of cities.They can also specialize in other trades,effects,fewer people were needed in the fields.
to conclude these are somethings that happened in the neolithic revolution.