Akkadian Empire

2334 BC - 2154 BC

The Akkadians were a significant part of Mesopotamia's history

Geographic Location

The geographic location of the Akkadians is in Mesopotamia in a city called Akkad, Akkad is located where modern day Iraq is located.

Key leader

A key leader for the Akkadian empire is king Sargon. Sargon used to be a cup bearer for the king of Kish, which was a significant and powerful city in the northern part of lower Mesopotamia. Sargon seized power and granted himself the title of king. He began by conquering Southern Mesopotamia and then he proceeded to conquer further east and north of Mesopotamia. He was eventually succeeded by his two sons, Rimush and Manishtushu, who both supposedly died violent deaths.

System of Government

The Akkadian Empire was the first governed civilization. Kings were chosen through divine consent and were themselves though to be divine one rank under Naram-Sin. King Uruk was the original ruler of the city, Akkad. However, he was defeated by Sargon who then created the Akkadian Empire and ruled with an Iron fist. The akkadian empire was a centralized government under the rule of the king, royal court and High priests.
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Class Structure

  • Lowest to highest on social scale: slaves, farmers, merchants, government officials/High priests and the king
  • Slaves were treated less then human whereas Kings were seen as divine beings
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Sciences and writing

Akkadian language slowly replaced Sumerian as a spoken language somewhere around the turn of the 3rd and the 2nd millennium B.C. Many Sumerian words were borrowed into Akkadian since they co-exited together. The writing consisted of symbols that represent vocal sound and spoken syllables. Eventually, Akkadian writing developed into 2 variants, Babylonian and Assyrian.

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Merchants and Trade

Trade was very important for the Akkadian empire. They were able to grow plenty of harvest because of the land, but they needed to trade with foreign people in order to secure access of products like metal and wood, which they lacked. Mesopotamian land was great for agriculture, but it lacks everything else which makes trading a necessity for the Akkadian Empire.

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Three accomplishments

1. They conquered the Sumerians, this was a major accomplishment because that's when they unified Mesopotamia.
2. Made the first empire known as the Akkadian Empire. With this empire they went around conquering cities and states around them.
3. They made good roadways between cities, this helped them get around quicker.
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