5.02 - I will understand risk management & insurance

Health Insurance Coverage

  • Hostpital insurance - classified as medical insurance, & covers most or all of the charges during a stay in the hostpital
  • Surgical insurance - covers all or part of the surgeon's fees and operation, also health insurance coverage
  • Regular medical insurance - covers fees of nonsurgical care given in the doctor's office, home, or hostpital & major medical insurance
  • Comprehensive medical policy - combines the features of hostpital, surgical, regular,and major medical insurance, most common group of health insurance policy


  • Dental insurance - Covers examinations, X-rays, cleaning & filling. Covers dental injuries resulting from accidents. Covers part of complicated dental work such as crowns & bridges
  • Vision care insurance - Covers eye examinations, perscription lenses, frames, & contact lenses. Some plans cover the cost of laser eye surgery that eliminates glasses.
  • Life insurance - Protects survivors against finacial loss associated with death.
  • Workman's compensation - Provides protection for employees who are injured on the job or become ill because of the job.