Grade Three Update

Thursday, 12th May 2016

Our Unit: Sharing the Planet

We are moving towards the end of our fifth unit, Sharing the Planet. Students will shortly begin work on their summative assessments, which will see them reflect on the things they've learnt about the lives of children around the world, gather information about compare and contrast their own experiences with the experiences of other kids, and gather information about the ways in which children are protected by different organisations throughout the world.


The final of our Division Championship will take place tomorrow - we will crown a third Mathematical Champion before the week is out! The students continue to be highly motivated to improve their personal scores and there has been a monumental increase in the overall ability level of all the classes. We, as a team, are very proud indeed of the achievements of each and every student.

Grade Three Camp

Last week was, of course, the grade three camp. The kids all had a great time away at Schloss Kröchlendorff, and we were lucky enough to have excellent weather while the kids had their adventures.

The kids were separated into groups that spanned different classes, so as to give them an opportunity to make new connections with other students and challenge themselves to work in unfamiliar teams. Many of the activities gave the kids an opportunity to work through a challenge as part of a team, and many students showed great independence and good problem-solving skills in tackling these challenges.

The activities included nature hiking, treasure hunts, making a small fire, constructing a "couch" from bracken, team-building games and activities, ziplining, wading in a creek, designing and painting and flag, toasting marshmallows and bread over a campfire, and many other things besides. The feedback from the kids has been very positive, and overall the trip was a success.


We would like to say that we had a wonderful time at camp! It's been a great experience for us to see the children out of school in a different setting.

In German, we have continued to talk about children's rights. We did a "trip around the world" and looked at children and their rights in other countries.

Our language focus has been on reading and listening. The kids have been introduced to the so-called "W-Fragen" and we have been practicing using them.

On Thursday, 3b, 3c, and 3d will go to the Ottobock-Science Center which connects to our unit as it relates to the right of equal opportunities regardless of physical disabilities and also to our previous unit about innovations. 3a will go on this field trip next week. We are very excited about our visit!

BMS Grade Three Team

Class Teachers

3a: Lauren Finno -

3b: Riley Knight -

3c: David Pitts -

3d: Katarina Petrikova -

German Team

3a: Gabi Pointner -

3b, 3d: Sarah Gerth -

3c: Ivana Vranjkovic -


EAL: Ruby Eadon -

Learning Support: Laura Harrington -

Art: Natalie Fellhauer -

Movement: Katie Regan -

Drama: Karen El Falaki -

Library: Rana Douglas -

Swimming: Rama Hübner -

Music: Allison Eichvalds -

Physical Education: Ivana Grujicic -