got 3 minutes?

welcome to your daily lenten retreat

Three minutes a day can give you 24 hours of peace.

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Ginny Kubitz Moyer shares her reflection on today’s retreat:

In my life as a mom and my job as a teacher, I’m constantly doing things that seem to have no lasting impact. I pack a lunch that will soon be eaten; I correct a paper that a student drops in the recycling bin; I vacuum a floor that will be crumby again within hours. There are times when my daily actions can seem meaningless. And yet when I get past my pity-party, I know that they aren’t. I do these things out of love, with faith that they matter, in the hope that they will make another person feel seen and valued. That’s what most relationships are all about: doing small things with great love, as Mother Theresa once said. And that love, I’m learning, is its own reward.