Library & Technology End of Year

Porter Elementary Summer 2017

A Guide to Surviving the End of Year!

This year, there will be many end of year technology procedures including important back ups that need to be done before school ends. This newsletter contains important information, videos and more to make things easier for you. Please take a moment and review all of the information below. Even if you are not a classroom teacher, there is important information for everyone - including those leaving the district.

Library: Wrapping Up the Year for Students & Teachers!

Students are no longer checking out books in the Library. Please help your students remember to return any Library books as soon as possible. We will begin printing up letters for students who have outstanding Library books and putting them in boxes to go home on Tuesday. We are requesting that teachers return any Library books,guided reading books or other Library items by May 24th.

Teacher Technology: Returning Technology & Other Stuff!

On Tuesday, May 30th all technology will need to be returned. Chromebooks and Tablets (PK-2) will be returned to the Library storeroom. Any left over Guided Reading materials need to be placed back in the proper bins. All resources and manipulatives will be kept in the classroom for next year. Please do NOT return any resource items to the Library as there is no storage. Mimios will need to be returned on Tuesday, May 30th as well. If you are leaving the campus, all Technology items will need to be return by Tuesday, May 30th. All returning teachers will keep document cameras, listening centers, CD players, etc in their classroom, as long as they can be kept in a locked cabinet. Please store any cords/remotes with the items in the cabinets. Please remove all batteries from your remote, you may store the batteries and remote together in a ziplock bag.

If you are leaving the district, you will return your teacher laptop and teacher tablet to an Administrator prior to your last day.

Backing Up Your Documents: Information for Everyone!

In order to protect your documents, please review these step by step videos on how to back up documents. Any documents on your existing laptops (that are not in Google drive) should be backed up regularly.

These videos are compliments of Amy Mayer with FriEdTechnology and they are AMAZING and easy to understand.

Get Ready for Summer - Part One

Get Ready for Summer - Part Two

Get Ready for Summer - Part Three

Departing the District: Saving your documents, professional development hours and more!

If you are leaving the district, any and all access to your Google accounts, including email and your Google drive documents, as well as your professional development hours in Eduphoria will end on your last day in the district. This is not the ending date on your contact or your last paycheck, but the last day you are scheduled to work. You will not have any access to your account, nor will the district be able to grant you access after your last day.

These are the steps you need to take keep any items of importance.

  • Eduphoria/Workshop - Print all certificates/logs of any and all course in Eduphoria.
  • Eduphoria/Lesson Plans - Save any lessons of importance to a jump drive or print them.
  • Emails - Export/Forward any and all emails of importance to a personal account.
  • Contacts - Export your important/personal contacts in Gmail.
  • Google Drive - Export/Share any and all important documents in your Google Drive account to a personal account or download them.
  • Documents Saved On Computer/Laptop - Transfer your document/files to a jump drive, send them to your personal email as attachments or upload them to your personal Google account or other drop box program.
  • TEAMS - Print any payroll & tax records, along with any leave information. You will be able to access payroll records after you depart the district by following these instructions:

For more information on how to download/export your Google Data, including email, contacts, calendar and documents on Drive, visit the links below.

How to Download Your Data:

Download Your Data:

Note: In accordance with FERPA, student information and district data is considered confidential and should not be downloaded/exported when transferring information outside the district.

Chromebooks & Tablets & iPads

We would like to start preparing for the end of the year in regards to Chromebooks and Tablets. All Chromebooks and Tablets should have all stickers removed by May 30th. Please do not remove any asset tags on the back. If you need something to help remove any residue, please see Norvia.

Tablets: Pre-K -2nd Grade

  • Please return tablets in their original assigned box with the power cord. The number on the box matches the asset tag number on the back of the tablet.
  • Please make sure tablets are powered off.
  • If a tablet is broken or not functioning properly, please enter a Help Desk ticket in Eduphoria as soon as possible.
  • Please make sure all tablets have the latest updates. You can check for updates by clicking on "setting" and "about" or "software version".

Chromebooks: Pre-K - 1st Grade

  • Please return all Chromebooks in their original assigned box with the power cord. The number on the box matches the asset tag number on the back of the Chromebook.
  • Please make sure all students are signed out and the Chromebook is powered off.
  • If a Chromebook is damaged or not working properly, please enter a Help Desk ticket as soon as possible.

Chromebook Carts/Tech Tubs: Kinder - 2nd Grade

  • Team Leaders will need to verify all Chromebooks are accounted for. Please report any missing Chromebooks to Norvia.
  • All Chromebooks need to be inspected for damage before May 30th.
  • Team Leaders should create Help Desk tickets for any Chromebooks that are damaged or not functioning properly by May 20th.
  • Chromebook Carts will be returned with locks & keys on May 26th to Norvia.

Chromebook Towers: 3rd - 5th Grade

  • All Chromebooks need to be accounted for by May 26th. Please report any missing Chromebooks to Norvia.
  • Any and all Chromebooks with damage or not functioning properly require a Help Desk ticket created in Eduphoria by May 26th.
  • Return tower keys to Norvia on May 30th. Tape log outside tower.


  • If you have any iPad and will be storing it in your room over the summer, please provide Norvia with the location and asset tag number.

Help Desk Tickets & Additional Help

This summer our techs will be very busy, and the district will be using interns to help over the summer. Please enter tickets as soon as possible to help, The more devices that can be repaired before the end of the year, will free our techs to complete other summer projects. It also helps the district to determine what resources they need to facilitate the repairs. If you wait until the last minute or don't create a help desk ticket, it is possible an item might not be repaired until next year, especially devices that are locked and not easily accessible over the summer.

Creating Help Desk Tickets

  • Create a ticket for each device. Please do not list multiple devices on one ticket.
  • Include the location/slot number along with the asset tag number and a good description of the problem. For example: 2nd Grade Cart/Slot #3, CB# 0875

Need additional help? Schedule an appointment with Norvia by clicking the link below for more help!

Email - Summer Vacation Responses

With summer upon us, its a good idea to add an automated "summer vacation response" to let senders know you are on summer break. I have created a short tutorial video on how to create a vacation response.