Here's what's going on in Algebra 1 Part 1

What is Math 180?

This year we've been lucky enough to have a web-based instructional tool, MATH 180, to help ensure that student and teacher time is optimized at every moment. The unique instructional design of MATH 180 pairs sophisticated technology and smart data to help teachers elicit thinking and build conceptual understanding, while adaptive software accelerates students at their own pace. Students have been alternating between two rotations where they have worked through the MATH 180 mSpace book with me while other students are working on the computer at their own pace. This has allowed the students to accelerate at the pace that best suits them.


Please encourage students to log on at home and spend time in the Brain Arcade playing fun math games that will further enhance the skills learned in class.

Math 180 is available 24 hours a day and it would benefit students tremendously to practice at home as well! The more practice they have, the better their skill in Math will be!

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