AP Spanish Language and Culture

Why take AP Spanish?

Enjoy something you're passionate about! Get ready for college!

You've already had several years of Spanish! Don't give up just yet! This would be an opportunity to continue to develop your Spanish-Speaking abilities and to learn more about Hispanic culture. This class is structured like a college level course. In AP spanish you learn about relevant content that helps prepare you for the future as a critical thinker. Completing this course will help you stand out in the admissions process for the college and you could earn college credit (Save you some money$$$).


Check out my google sites and talk to the current students. On my google sites, under resources you can look at the credits colleges will give you with passing AP Spanish scores. Feel free to check out this years units. The Units fall under one of the six themes the college board created. The six themes include the following: 1. Global Challenges 2. Personal and Public Identities 3. Science and Technology 4. Family and Communities 5. Contemporary Life 6. Beauty and Aesthetics
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