By Tristan Biggs


In this article you will learn about porcupines. You will learn about where they live, what they eat, how they defend themselves with quills, and what they look like. hope

you learn a lot about porcupine.

where they live

In this section you are going to learn about where they live. Porcupines live in forests. They also live in deserts. Sometimes they live in grasslands. They live in hollow logs or less.

what they eat

In this paragraph you will learn about what they eat. Did you know porcupines eat bark?branches,twigs,in the summer they eat leaves,clovers,berries,seeds,flowers.

how they defend them self

In this section I will teach you about how they use their quills. They have soft hair

back side and tail it is usually mixed with sharp quills typically lie flat until a

porcupine is threatened then it leaps to attention as a persuasive deterrent .

porcupine cannot shoot their.

what they look like

In this paragraph you will now learn about what they look like. They are large rodents

they are dark brown they have black quills with white bands cover their back.These

sharp quills protect porcupine from enemies.


In this article you will learn about fun facts and picture.I hope you learn a lot about porcupine

fun fact 1

Each porcupine has about 3,000 quills on its back

fun fact 2

  • porcupine grow hew quills to replace those they lose

fun fact 3

  • The name porcupine is Latin for “pigs pines”

Vocabulary Word #1

quills one of the hollow spines on a porcupine or hedgehog

Vocabulary Word #2

Thrills like barbed wire which makes them painful and sometimes difficult to remove