My life plan

Louisburg College & Professional Basketball

Name of Institute

I have chosen to attend Louisburg College. I have chosen this school because it has the major that i plan on studying in college which is Business Management. I also plan on playing men's basketball here.

Tuition and Total Cost

The tuition a year at Louisburg College is 13,450.00. The total cost is 25,455.00. These prices compared to bigger division I or division II schools are relatively low.


Louisburg College is located in Louisburg, North Carolina. Traveling by car , with no traffic , Louisburg is approximately 56 minutes away from my home. That is 50.8 miles.

Size and Student Enrollment

Louisburg College is around 75 acres , that's pretty small compared to the larger universities. Close to 750 students enroll per year which isn't a large amount.

Minimum requirements

To get into Louisburg College the require you to have an 2.0 GPA or higher , 17 or higher on the ACT scores , and a score of 800 or higher on the SAT.

School Mascot and Colors

Louisburg doesn't have a mascot but is represented by the logo of a Hurricane. That have very few school traditions one of them is a step show at the last home basketball game which is very popular. Their colors are red , white , and blue.

Extra Curricular Acitivties

I plan on playing basketball here. I want to possibly transfer to a division I college to play basketball after my tenure is done here. I plan on being the start player on the basketball team.

Area of Study

I plan on studying business management when I attend Louisburg College. I want to own my business just if my dream of playing professional basketball doesn't work out. I would probably own a sporting goods franchise.

Graduation Rate

The graduation rate at Louisburg College is about 14% which is low. But this due to the fact that most students or athletes transfer to a larger university. I don't plan on graduating from Louisburg , just want to transfer to a larger College or University to play basketball.

Career Choice

The career I choose to explore is being a professional basketball player. I've been playing basketball all of my life , it's something I love to do and want to make a living off doing. I've always worked hard and pushed myself and will continue to do so to reach my dream.
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