Digital Citizenship Project

by Abbey H Period 3

Digital Etiquette

Rule- Be Respectful

If you say something online that you would not like to be told in real life then don't say it online. Treat people how you would like to be treated and respected.

Information Privacy

Rule- Don't Give Out Personal Information

If there is a site that asks for your name and all of you information don't do it. If you give them your information they will send you emails that you did not want them to send you.

Social Networking

Rule- Finding Friends

When you go online and go on social networking you can find friend that have the same interest as you and not people that do not have the same interest as you.

Online Safety

Rule- Be Safe

Don't give out personal information going online is like going outside if you have common sense you will be ok. Don't give out your name online or email until you know what the site is all about.


Rule- Be Nice

Cyberbullying is bullying online. If someone calls you ugly or not nice that is cyberbullying be nice if you say something to someone that is not nice you are cyberbullying so be nice to one another.


Rule- Do you own work

Don't take someone else's work and use it as your own. Do not copy and paste information and turn it in as your own and don't use old papers from you sister brother or parents. If you want to use someone's information then put at the bottom of the paper and write information by and then put who it was from.


Rule- Your Own

If you write something or put something then no one else can take you information unless you site you and if they get permission from the you to use your information. But you can use information if you are a teacher you do not need to cite every person's work and copyright is not forever.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is the rules and things that you have to follow to be legal when using other people's work, pictures, and other things. It is important for everyone to use digital citizenship so that people's work that they have been working on for probably a long time can stay there work until they given permission to you to let you use their work. It is good to practice Digital Citizenship when you are young so you know how to do digital citizenship when you are older and have a job.