The history of Vietnam is sad and respectful.North and South Vietnam entered into a war against each other, which lasted for 10 years.In April 1975 South Vietnam surrendered to North Vietnam. Back in 1960 the Vietnamese betrayed their country and the A,N,Z,A,Cs (Australia New Zealand Army Corp)had to come in to action and come upon Asia and protect those who needed protection. Many had lost their lives, some are still around today, most of them have major injuries including loss of speech, depression, brain injury, even parts of their ears are missing, but they still do normal things.

In the end the Vietnamese respected the A,N,Z,A,Cs for trying so hard to protect another country.


Vietnam is in Southeastern Asia. The country is shaped like an S. It is a small country south of China. It stretches 1600km from North to South, and in most places it is 130 kilometres wide. The country is made up of half mountains and forests. It is also surrounded by a lot of beaches. Vietnam has 2 major rivers, the Mekong River in South Vietnam, and the Red River in the North. In Vietnam there are 2 seasons -Wet and Hot. Cool and Dry.


Vietnam is a communist state, which means its government thinks it should control the whole country and people in the country. Meaning that the people of the country don't get a say in how the country is run, only the government officials. The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi, which has a population of about 6.5 million people, the entire population of Vietnam is estimated to be about 91,519,289. The largest city in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh. There is a huge statue of him in Hanoi, where he is buried.


The president of Vietnam is Truong Tan Sang, and the prime minister is Nguyen Tan Dung. The religions of Vietnam are different, Budhist seems to be the main religion as well as,Catholic,Hoa Hao,Cao Dai. Protestant, Islam. The people from Vietnam came from Central Asia, more than 2000 years ago. They were ruled by the Chinese for about 1000 years. In Vietnam the dragon is a symbol of strength, bravery, and nobility. A lot of Budhists temples are in Vietnam, bit like a church to pray at.


As Vietnam is a poor country, the main place to shop is at outdoor food markets. Most of the people in Vietnam eat fish and rice as their main diet. As it is cheap and easy to find. A lot of the people wear a bamboo hat called a Non la, to protect them from the harsh sun. One of the main dresses worn by Vietnamese is called ao dai. The main type of transport for Vietnamese people are bicycles, river boats and trains. The money in Vietnam is called a Dong.


Children in Vietnam go to school 6 days a week (mon-Sat) for 4 hours per day. The school year is from September to May. All the kids are expected to work very hard at their studies. They are also taught things like traditional manners and customs of their country, and to respect their elders and communtiy leaders. On Saturdays the children have to stand and tell the teacher what they have learnt through the week. They do not get report cards, but they get ranked in the class- 1st-2nd-3rd etc. Most of the children have to wear uniforms. Because there are so many kids in Vietnam most of the schools are overcrowded, and they do not have playgroung equipment like us. Some children do not go to school as they have to help their parents by working. The Vietnamese alphabet is almost the same as the English alphabet. But it is very hard for the Vietnamese people to pronounce our words.

Living conditions

Vietnam is a poor country, especially since the war, which has taken a lot of time for the country to get back on its feet.Food, housing, medicines and supplies were scarce. As the population of Vietnam has grown, so too has its unemployment rate. A lot of people in Vietnam have no electricity. Many of the houses are made of bamboo and sticks. Telephones don't work very well. There is only about 30 phones to every 1000 people. The people eat with chopsticks, and add a lot of vegetables to their main meals. During the New Year, the people eat rice cakes, and always say prayers before their meals.

Natural resources

Monkeys, elephants, pythons and wild ox can be found in the forests of Vietnam. The Langur monkey is very popular with tourists. Rice is grown well in Vietnam, and is a major resource, as it likes the wet and hot weather there. Work cows are used as a farming tool in Vietnam to step through the rice paddies. Many of the people in Vietnam, work in the rice paddies. Many people work as fisherman, as fish,lobster and shrimp, are a main resource from the South China Sea.


DUring the Vietnam war, many hospitals and medical centres were detsroyed. While looking for information on health in Vietnam, I found a site that is working to improve health issues in Vietnam. Project Vietnam Foundation. These people are volunteers who are working to improve the health issues that are in Vietnam, especially being a poor country, this help is needed. They teach the villagers about the importance of clean water, and also are doing studies about the after effects of the Vietnamese war, and the chemicals (agent orange) and how they affected births, teeth, eyes and other medical conditions.