The Cumberland Lake



The Cumberland Lake is in Harlan County,but goes through the following cities:
  • Poor Fork,
  • Clover Fork,
  • Martin Fork.

All of these are in Nashville Tennessee. The lake is 687 miles long,and the lake is about 64 years old. The lake is made of

  • rocks (sand stone,shell coal),
  • red clay,
  • fish (striped bass,brown trout,rainbow trout,,and lake trout).
The lake is in a very wet environment, with up to fifty inches of rain each year.

Did You Know?

Did you know the lake has a island called Cumberland Island. It is the largest man made lake in the world.

What Will The Lake Look Like In A Hundred Years?

It will be deeper,because of erosion ,but look the same physically.

Natural Processes

The climate around the lake in the summer is sometimes hot but mostly warm.In the winter it is cool but sometimes below freezing.Tornadoes are not a very big problem around the lake.You can also get up to fifty inches of rain each year.