Study Tips

Learn how to maintain your information.

It is important to learn proper study habits early. Your brain will thank you later because it will be easier to recognize the information that you need. It will then be easier for you to recall the information that has been placed in your memory.

Focus on your materials

Put the phone down, get off that computer and shut off that game. It is important that when you are studying that you focus all of your attention on your work.

Don't Cram!

Set aside the desired amount of time you want and prepare a little at a time.


Relate the new information that you are learning to things that you may already know. This will connect the new concepts with an already established idea, memory, or experience.

Try to teach others

Try and help others learn the concept that is new to you. This will help you become more confident with what is being learned. It has also been found that speaking out loud has helped imporves ones memory on the subject.

To improve your memory

3 ways to improve your memory include:

1.Elaborate Rehearsal: Connecting new information to memories already stored

2.Drill, practice and repetition

3. Pneumonia Devices: Strategy used to associate new information with old information making it easier to retrieve.