Nepal Water Crisis

What can we do to help?

Polluted Water is a Big Issue

In Nepal most of the population of 28,120,740 either has access to dirty/polluted water or none at all. The reason for the dirty water is because untreated sewage from the residential neighborhoods are ending up in the available water for the citizens to drink. Most the people of Nepal rely on the local water resources to everyday things like bathe, and wash clothes also. Nepal is being faced with water borne diseases including cholera and many more. It must be hard having kids and not knowing what they might be drinking and catching. This water crisis is not just all of sudden occuring. Its been happening for many years now and needs a solution to end it.

How can this issue be resolved?

As said before the sewage systems are somewhat messed up which is causing the water to be dirty and non drinkable. Other countries could help to fix and purify the water by just repairing the sewage systems. Another great idea is for other countries to send out water and food to help Nepal in this time of need. Also another way of maintaining the problem is having other countries step in and help pay for wells and pumps to be put in.Everybody needs a little help sometimes.
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Population: 28,120,740

Median Age:22.7

Poverty: 42%

Fertility rate: 2.44