Celebrating Moms!

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My TOP 10 Must-Haves:

1. Ultra Genius Skincare Tool for anti-aging and fine lines - This device sold out a 6 month supply in 13 days!!! Order now to get the next shipment!!!

2. Protein Boost - 0 gm of sugar - You can add to anything for an extra 10 gm of vegan protein.

3. Eye make-up - The new eye shadows, brow colors and eye liners are beautiful!

4. New Skin OIl - For extra dry skin. Works great with the Re9 serum.

5. Chocolate and Vanilla protein powder - My whole family has a green smoothie everyday!

6. Fiber Boost- 12 gm of vegan fiber

7. It's a Long Story Mascara

8. Fizz - Pomegranate - These are my life-line for energy all day long! Love them!

9. Complete Hydration - Works great for long runs and hot yoga!

10. Seasource lotion and oil - I mix the two daily for this high desert living!

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$100 for May Hosts

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You can get $100 in products for hosting in May!

Smoothie workshops, Online parties and Sampling Basket parties all count!!


Let me know if you have any questions.