My country is AUSTRIA

By Seth young

country basics

My name of the country is

Austria and the capital is Vienna

and the flag meaning the red and white colors in this flag are taken from a legend in which the Duke Leopold V of Austria was blood-soaked from the Battle of Ptolemais in 1191, and only a strip of white remained under his sword belt.

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1.Austria is in Europe,Around it is Hungry,Germany,Slovakia and Czech Rep Web:

2.In Austria their is Austrian alps and the Danube valley

3.The alps

4.Danube River

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1.Their government is Federal Republic

2.Their leader is Heinz Fischer

3.He committed to their welfare state and he was elected to the largely presidency in April 2004 and 2010

4.We can vote in or stand for an election. Voting gives us the right to choose a representative in Parliament, and to influence how they run our country. An Australian citizen who is qualified has the right to stand for an election. Our democracy gives us the right to change ruling parties on a regular and peaceful basis by the use of elections.

We are all entitled to equal rights and to equal respect. Our laws make sure that no one is subject to discrimination because of their race, their colour, their religion or gender.

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1.They are the 11th richest country

2.the type of money they use is Euro.

3. Machinery,equipment,motor vehicles,parts,paper,paper wood,chemicals,metal goods,Iron,and steel,foodstuff,Textiles.

4.The literacy rate in Austria is 98% with a rank of 58 out of 194,

80.3 yrs living

rank: 213Austria8.76

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1.Dirndl leder and hosen and and Tracht

2.The Major language that is spoken is German

3.Monday Oct 26 national day,Sunday Nov 1 all all saint day,Sunday Nov 15 saint leopold,Tuesday Dec 8 Immaculate conception Day.

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1.High 38-80 low 27-59

2.The highest month was June at 70 mm

3.Roman Catholicism has dominated Austrian religious belief. Although Eastern Orthodox, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists exist in Austria, they have no power to influence the interpretation of public morality to the extent that the Roman Catholics can.

4.Acusine:the wiener kuche

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1.Their government is a federal republic and

their language is a german speaking country.