Badminton Speed and Agility

By: Kayla German

Station 1- Zigzags

To get it set up, get a total of 10 red medium sized cones, or small cones, it doesn't really matter. Set 5 of them about 3-5 feet apart from each other in a straight line. Then with the other 5, put them in the spaces of the other 5 cones, at about a pretty good distance away from the other line, set those 5 cones in the spaces making a totally new line about 3-5 feet away from the other line.

Next, for the exercising part. Shuffle to each cone, starting facing which ever cone is first, and then when you get to each cone, switch your directions, and work on your speed. Try to stay low, and balanced out, and do not cross your feet, that would be bad and make you fall down.

This drill relates to badminton because you have to be able to move in any direction, to get to the birdie. And you need speed to get through it, so it works on your direction and speed.

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Zigzag Shuffle

Instead of doing dribbles, in this picture, start shuffling towards the side with only 3 cones, then when you get to the first cone, switch your directions, and go to the next cone, and repeat switching directions again till the next cone. For each cone you get to you change directions and go to the next cone. Then when you get to the end, turn around, and do the same thing back to where you started.
Zig Zag Shuffle

Station 2- Ladder Drills

In and Outs

With each square on the ladder, both of your feet have to go into the square and out of the square. Start with putting your right foot into the square first, then your left, then transitioning into the next square with both feet out, right foot first, then put in your left foot. As you get more comfortable with this, start to go faster and faster with each time you go to a new square, or start the ladder.

Side Step

Start facing a wall, making sure there is a wall in front of you and back of you. You are going at this exercise sideways. Start with your right foot in the square, followed with your left foot. Both of your feet must be in the square before moving onto the next square. So it would go Right, Left, next square, Right, Left, next square, etc...

Hockey Shuffle

With this drill you are basically just walking through the ladder at a fast pace. Start with your right foot in the square, and then have your left foot go of to the next square, then for the next square, your right foot would go into the square. With the faster and better you get at this, you should not touch the plastic pieces that make the ladder a ladder.

Side Hop

Start with your right foot on one side of the ladder, and the left side of the ladder, with each square that appears, hopping in with both feet, and moving forward, and out with both feet. So its an in - out - in - out pattern with both feet.

All of these drills work on badminton skills, because you have to be able to have quick feet to get to where you need to go, and be fast to get to a fast moving birdie.


How to start the Videos

It will not work to just click on the play button, maybe it does for you, but it wont for me. So I had figured it out. To start and stop it, to to the far right of the video until you get the little hand to press it to play and make it stop. I am not sure why it is like that. That is the closest I could come to making it great.

Station 3 - Shuffle, Turn, and Sprint

Start at a far enough distance, that you can go a pretty far distance. Start by shuffling down about 5-10 yards, facing which ever way, then turn and run down to the end. For us it would be the gym. So shuffle down 5-10 yards, then turn, and run to the end of the gym, and on the way back, turn the other way shuffle 5-10 yards, turn, and then sprint down to the other end of the gym. Repeat about 3-5 times.

This works on your sense of direction and knowing where you are on the court. If you are not concentrated on it, especially with this drill, you may fall over, or trip, as you are trying to transition into your next thing, weather it is shuffle to turn, or turn to sprint.

Description of Shuffle, Turn, and Sprint- Video

This video only shows going back and forth, you could also do it this way, but in the description above, to get more space and movement in I did it as a whole gym thing. For the one you could do in P.E. shuffle down to about half court, turn, and sprint as fast as you possibly can. And for the video one, shuffle a short distance, shuffle back, then shuffle a longer distance, and back, then sprint as fast as you can, either way works.
Sprinting Workouts | Overspeed Shuffle Sprint

Station 4 - Sprint, shuffle, and Backpedal

Start at one end of the gym, sprint about half way down, turn, and backpedal the rest of the way down the gym. Then from the side of the gym that you are on, sprint about half way down, turn, and backpedal as fast as you possibly can. Repeat that about 3-5 times if not more.

Same thing with the one above, working with the same things of sense of direction, except of just running back, you are backpedaling back, which works your muscles to make them work harder each time you go to do this drill.

Sprint Turn Backpedal

Station 5 - Pushups

Start in a plank position, and bend your arms down to 90 degrees repeatedly. Make sure that when doing your push ups you don make a mountain with your glutenous maxims and your back, or a valley. Repeat 10-20 reps, in 3 different sets.

Works on form, and building up your arms and core, to be able to move somewhere quickly. And also helps with hitting the birdie harder, so that the opposing team cannot return it.

How to Do a Push Up Correctly

Station 6 - Step Ups

Start with one block sitting on the floor. Start with stepping up with your left foot, then coming up with your right foot, then back down with your left then your right. Keep doing that until you get comfortable enough with walking up and down it, getting faster and faster the better you get at it. Then add another block, making it two blocks, start with walking with your left then your right, then back down with your left then your right, increasing your speed each time. Then add three and repeat the same process that you would have been doing for blocks one and two. Repeat each block 3-5 times increasing in speed each time, and with each block. Are blocks are smaller, so it will be easier to do the description above, instead of only doing one leg at a time, but still and option.

Step ups relate to badminton because being able to take bigger steps to get to places, will help you, and keep you from running there when you could take one big step in that direction.

How to Do Step-Ups

Equipment Needed

- Cones

- Ladder-- Floor Ladder

- 1-2-3 step up blocks