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A 30-Second BookTalk

The best part about reading a great book? Sharing it with new friends!

Select a favorite book and write a 30-Second BookTalk that you can share with your classmates!

What exactly is a BookTalk?

A BookTalk is a short speech designed to "sell" someone else on reading a book. Basically, it gives an idea about plot, characters, or themes, but doesn't give away key details - in other words, no spoilers!

Check out these written examples of 30-Second BookTalks at Bookopolis...

Let's Do It!

How do you write a 30-Second Book Talk?

It's not hard to share great information about a great book... you may use the template below to craft your BookTalk for your fiction and non-fiction selection!

Before you enter the #reedlmc FlipGrid Studio, be sure to have a copy of the book so you can refer to it or include it!

anna r booktalk

Have any questions?

Feel free to send me (Mrs. Ledina, School Librarian) an email and I'll be happy to help you out... I can't wait to see what you love to read!