What Shall We Do?

The Minorities

By Alyssa Conyers & Morgan Dooty

"Let us while this war lasts, forget our special grievances and close our ranks shoulder to shoulder with our own white fellow citizens and the allied nations that are fighting for democracy." W.E.B. Du Bois wrote in The Crisis, as encouragement for African Americans to join the war in order to prove their loyalty and gain equality. William Monroe argues that the federal government should be working to end discrimination in the states, rather than fight over seas for democracy. Both leaders have a good argument, and following either's advice is a worthy cause.

We, as minorities, have a disadvantage, because we are seen through prejudice and racism. While it would be more prudent to end discrimination in the U.S first, we are already hurdling toward war. We must be a part of the war, because if we are too busy trying to win equality we will head to our own destruction. For if we are to busy less soldiers will fight with all their focus, and we have a disadvantage toward the Central Powers. We may also lose because if we are busy then others might accuse us of not putting all our effort in the war when we win. Therefore it is important for us to prove our loyalty by fighting for our country. After the war there will be time for us to win equality.

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