A Chemical Analysis of "Man"

Alexa Diaz de la Vega

Element Name: Reidum

Atomic Mass: 120

Symbol: MH

Discover: scientists Karen Trejo and Rene Medina (parents)

Occurrence: highly concentrated in the stratosphere and low concentrated in water

Surface Properties: relatively big

Boils when: other atoms do not share electrons. (selfish or mean people)

Melts if: Shares place with another important element (if meets a celebrity)

Can cause: love if you spend a lot of time close to it

Happy when: finds a good book

Sad when: an atom dies

Stubborn and unyielding when atoms do not want to cooperate

Is repelled by meat

Is attracted to lovely paintings

May explode spontaneously when some other atoms separate from others

Requires copious amounts of books

Is inert if is really hot

Will repel mean atoms

Is impervious to offensive elements