Louisville Made Capital

The City of Lousiville Becomes the Capital of Georgia

A History of the Capitals

1st - Savannah is first because it is the first permanent settlement in Georgia.

2nd - Augusta was the second capital, but it was located too far east for the expanding state.

3rd - Louisville is created as the third capital in 1786 so that the capital would be centrally located for the citizens.

4th - Milledgeville is the fourth capital in 1807.

5th - Atlanta becomes, and stays, the capital in 1877.

Lovely Louisville

Louisville as the Capital

It was named for King Louis XVI of France for his help in our Revolutionary War. It was not a capital for long because of the state's expansion due to Indian lands becoming available for settlers. It is no longer centrally located. One of the most memorable events to occur in the capital of Louisville was the burning of the Yazoo Land Fraud records in front of the capital building in 1796.