DIY Essential Oil Gathering


DIY Essential Oils

Monday, June 27th, 12pm

6269 Cleveland Street

Merrillville, IN

Bring jars for the Oatmeal scrub, make sure they're clean. I will provide other materials for the bug spray and a surprise product (it's fun and funny). Bring sides. $5 would be great to help out with the costs of the materials.

To make something - Raspberry Limeade? It serves 20 people so we can see how to make it before we start the other ones. I would use honey instead of sugar unless anyone has allergies?

Below is a summer only set of oils. If you are interested, let me know. If you want to know what each oil are, let me know and I will share information.

Email, glide or however - please avoid using Facebook Messenger. Thanks! :D

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