Henry Ford Deserves A Museum

A True American Innovator

Generous and clever

A true american innovator who brought cars to everyone. He was very generous and clever. He gave his workers $5/day compared to the industry's average $2.34. He cut the workday from 9 hours to 8 hours. Lastly, his foundation continues to donate to make the world better by fighting disease or ending food shortages. He's clever by selling affordable cars, luxury cars, and invented the quadricycle, a breakthrough in motor cars. In addition to just marketing cars, he investigated alloy, a super strong mixture of metals and invented the assembly line, helping every industry mass produce products.

Does He Deserve A Museum??

His Museum

He deserves a museum. He took cars to an affordable level so everyone could buy cars. He invested in his workforce and donated money to help world issues. His museum could help people learn about his legacy and inspire others to help end world issues.