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Wie kommt man hier?

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Anywhere from 4 hours to 6 hours

The trip costs anywhere from 50 Euros to 130 Euros.

Berlin to Nuremberg

For a straight train ride through from Berlin to Nuremberg, it will set you back about 69 Euros and will take around 5 and a half hours. The ride is on an ICE ( or Inter-City Express train), which is a super fast metro that connects to all of the big cities.



We would stay in Nuremberg and the fanciest place to stay is in the Sheraton Carlton Hotel. This Hotel cost $245 a night and has amazing suite views and rooms.


The Cheapest Hotel in Nuremberg is the acomhotel Nuremberg. This Hotel is $75 a night and has a 4.2 out of 5 rating. So this is a very good cheap hotel if you wanted to visit.

Popular Activities in Nuremburg Germany

Some popular attractions include: The germanisches National Museum, the house of Albrecht Durer, Neues museum, Nuremburg toy museum, and the Nuremburg state theatre.

The Nuremburg State Theatre

The Nuremberg State Theatre, founded in 1906, is dedicated to all types of opera, ballet and stage theatre. During the season 2009/2010, the theatre presented 651 performances for an audience of 240,000 persons.the Philharmonic Nuremberg (Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg) is the orchestra of the State Theatre. Its name was changed in 2011 from its previous name: The Nuremberg Philharmonic (Nürnberger Philharmoniker). It is the second-largest opera orchestra in Bavaria. Besides opera performances, it also presents its own subscription concert series in the Meistersingerhalle. Christof Perick was the principal conductor of the orchestra between 2006–2011. Marcus Bosch heads the orchestra since September 2011 . Tickets range from 13-71 euros. thanks wkipedia.
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People first settled in the city of Nuremberg in 400 B.C. Nuremberg was always part of

Germany, well as long as German has been a unified country. One of the most famous people to come from Nuremberg is Albrecht Dürer