Technology Class at Lineville

Alison Hill

Typing Web

In Typing Web you learn how to type faster. We all had to complete intermediate course to get a three this semester. When I finished the intermediate course I went to advanced course.


In iTrailer I learned how to make a iTrailer. I had to make a trailer about my life. The trailer showed pictures of my family and my life,

Career Locker

In Career Locker I learned more about my self by taking tests. I learned more about what my dream job entitled. Career Locker showed me all of the jobs there are to choose.

Haiku Deck

In Haiku Deck you can make a presentation to show anyone. I made my Haiku Deck about my dream job being a surgeon. After I made my presentation I had to show the Haiku Deck to the class.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything allows you to make a slide show that you can record your self presenting. In this program we had to make a presentation about a math problem. When you are recording you can draw and use pictures to help with the presentation.

Hour of Code

Hour of Code is a web site where there are games that help you learn how to make computer programs. The games show you basic skills for computers. In Hour of Code I got to play a few of the games.

Email Etiquette

In the unit about Email Etiquette we learned how to write a proper email. We all had to write a email to Mrs. Myers for a grade. I learned how to write a email better.