Lion Pride Updates

6/11/21 Volume 2 (40)

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Happy Last Friday of the School Year!

Who would have thought that:

  • pre-invention of a car, you can travel 30 miles in 30 min. (walking would take 10 hours)
  • pre-invention of a telephone, that everyone would walk around with a hand held device that allows communication, taking picture/videos, and everything else you can think of
  • pre- www, all the knowledge in the world would be at your finger tip
  • pre-COVID-19, every kid would be homeschooled, at times sit in front of the computer for school and be told that they can't share things (caring was not sharing)

Who would have thought...

And yet, you did it!

You made it through the 2020-21 school year as a parent, as a "teacher", and wore multiple hats:

  • adapting to 3 school openings and 3 schedules
  • working from home (which wasn't less work)
  • working as tech support for your kids and use clever and the various apps for class
  • keeping sane
  • cooking in between
  • serving as lunch supervisor and recess supervisor
  • spending more time with your family... at times too much time
  • being told your child has to be at home... for allergy symptoms...
  • picking up materials from school
  • learning how to breathe... deeply... and slowly... and repeating

No matter how you struggled, you made it through 2020-21 school year and overcame it!

Great job and I know you are a stronger better person now.

Go Lions!

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Snapshots from this Year

Important Reminders!

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Important Dates (Every Week: College Wear Wednesday and Spirit wear Friday)

6/14- Spelling Bee Winners- extra recess

6/16- 5th Grade Party (11:15 AM - 1:15 PM)

6/16- Last Day of School for preschool only

6/17- Last Day of School (ends @ 12 PM)

6/18-8/30- Summer Vacation (Family bonding time)

8/31- First Day of School 2021-22- We look forward to seeing you back~

5th graders, we'll miss you!

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