Computer Hardware

By Izzy Moor

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The CPU is essentially the barin of the computer. It carries out orders to the rest of the computer. The CPU is essentially the most important part of the computer, and the whole computer's performance relies on it.

Hard Drives and SSD

Hard Drive

A Hard Drive is the part of the computer that stores saved files. If this is a problem with a computer saving things, it it likely the Hard Drive is damaged. As a Hard Drive has moving parts, when a computer is moved around a lot without care, the Hard Drive could get damaged and broken.


An SSD is similiar to a Hard Drive, apart from there being no moving parts. An SSD is more likely to be found in a phone, tablet etc. An SSD is more expensive than a Hard Drive, however the majority of SSDs have less memory than Hard Drives.

Optical Drive and The Monitor

Optical Drive

An example of an Optical Drive is a DVD player. Many computers today have a built in DVD player, and the Optical drive reads the disk and makes the computer able to play the DVD.

The Monitor

The Monitor is the screen of the computer. It diplays the activity of the computer, and shows everything that you have saved, seen and created.