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ACHIEVE! May 11, 2020

Morning Announcements!

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5 11 2020

Student Materials and Belongings Pick-Up Next Week!

Families will be able to drive through the circle drive next week to pick up student materials and belongings that have been at school.

Teachers are packing items from desks, lockers, and other areas in the classroom. The items will be placed in a labeled white bag that will be given to families the week of

May 18 - May 22.

We also need you to help locate any library books and textbooks that are at home. We will have a plastic bin for those books to be collected in.

Here is the schedule for the Bag Pick-ups!

Monday, May 18 8:00 AM - 11:45 AM Kindergarten

Monday, May 18 12:15 PM - 4:00 PM 3rd Grade

Tuesday, May 19 8:00 AM - 11:45 AM 4th Grade

Tuesday, May 19 12:15 PM - 4:00 PM 5th Grade

Wednesday, May 20 8:00 AM - 11:45 AM 6th Grade

Wednesday, May 20 12:15 PM - 4:00 PM 1st Grade

Thursday, May 21 8:00 AM - 11:45 AM 2nd Grade

Thursday, May 21 12:15 PM - 4:00 PM Families That Missed Designated Time

Friday, May 22 8:00 AM - 11:45 AM Families That Missed Designated Time

We are asking that each arriving family have a paper sign in the front windshield that has the student's name and homeroom on it. Please remain in your car!

For your convenience, families with more than one child attending Bedford Heights may pick up the bags for the other students in the family at the time you arrive. Please include those names and homerooms on the sign, too!

The Bedford Public Library is Ready for Families!

The Bedford Public Library just re-opened for drive-through pickup. You can visit their website and request up to 5 books at a time. The Bedford Public Library will let you know when the books are ready and you can pick them up at the drive-through lane! Easy-Peasy!!

This is great for students getting their hands on the new Bluebonnet books to read this summer!

Modified 6th Grade Clap-Out

Given the recent events at L.D. Bell High School and Trinity High School involving caps, gowns and cheers, the Bedford Heights' 6th Grade-Clap Out for students and families in cars driving through the circle drive at Bedford Heights is going to take place!

No date or time has been selected yet, but it will be occur on May 26, 27, or 28. We are required to submit a detailed plan for this event and we will ask our friends at Bell what the parameters were for this to take place. Decorated cars and signs will be welcomed!

More to come!

Teachers Are Ready To Be At Your Service!

Teachers will have "office hours" each day between 9:00 am and 11:00 am and between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm by e-mail. If you have questions about the on-line curriculum, need ideas on how to help your child complete the activities, questions about resources or anything else we can help with, please feel free to email your child's teacher and they will be there to help!

Soarin' at EPCOT!

Get a bird's-eye view of our planet!

See below.

Soarin' At Epcot In 4K POV

Explore the World!

Explore the world in 4k 360

Art, Music, and PE Activities are Updated Often!

PE: There’s going to be a link on the Home Education Bridge that will connect to the online PE activities the district develops.. There are also activities on the Link sent out in the Bulldog News from Mr. Wilham that go to his site.

Music: The link sent out each day in the Bulldog News goes to the Music Site. Mr. Manzanera may begin adding in Google Classrooms for the older kids.

Art: Mrs. Cambell shares that there are Art activities are on the Class Link sent out daily for all ages. Google Classrooms has activities for 4-6th grade only at this time.

PE Activity from Mr. Wilham!

See the link below!

Art Activity From Mrs. Campbell

Music Activity From Mr. Manzanera

H-E-B Library Resources!

See the information below.

Read some online books and share what you thought about them with your family, your teacher, or one of your classmates!

Big picture

Library and Reading Fun from the Bedford Public Library

Storyline Online


Authors Everywhere

Coloring Book Pages

Brainfuse HelpNow

Scholastic Learn at Home

Yearbooks Are On Sale for $38!

Big picture

Getting Through The Schools Being Closed

From H-E-B ISD


HEB ISD's Crisis Prevention and Intervention team wants you to know that we are here for you, in spite of the school closures. We understand that these are trying times and can further cause distress for kids who already have issues with anxiety, depression, and general worry over what is happening in our country at this time. We also understand that parents are under stress with kids being home, worrying about your job and how to financially navigate these times.

Please see below for more resources.

More Resources For Families

See the files below for more resources in our area for families.

A Message From H-E-B!

This school year, we would like to share important or urgent news with parents via text message. If you would like to receive this information via text message, you must opt-in. This will give HEB ISD permission to send you text messages.

To opt-in, send a text message to “67587” with “Y” or “yes”.

(If you have already done this, you do not have to do it again.)

If you receive an error message, your number might not be labeled as a mobile phone in your student's records. In this case, you will need to contact your student’s school and ask to add your mobile phone number to your student’s records. After the school has updated your record, wait until the next day and then try again to opt-in.
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Birthday Name In Lights Postponed Until Further Notice!

Connect With H-E-B

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Other Very Important Information!

Sign Up For Remind 101 to get Up To Date Information and Reminders From Bedford Heights!

please sign up using the specific grade-level text codes for your child/children's grade level!

Daily Pick-Up and Drop Off

We are reminding all drivers that only Day Care buses and Bedford Heights’ faculty and staff enter and/or park in the parking area located on Bob Nash Drive. Thank you for making the necessary arrangements to help with the safe arrival and dismissal for all of our children.

Crosswalk Crossing

It is important for student and parent safety that any crossing of a street is done at a crosswalk. There are eight major crosswalks near or around Bedford Heights and crossing at these locations will help pedestrians and motorized vehicles navigate around the campus safely.

Please note that Bob Nash Drive should not be crossed into the East (Faculty) Parking Lot. This is a dangerous area before and after school with many blind spots that motorists cannot see. Please cross at the corner of Bob Nash Drive and Cummings. Our crossing guard will get you to school in the safest way.

Sibling Meeting Place

A Meeting place should be established for family members after school. All students will be brought into the foyer in front of the office at 3:15 each day.

Please Join Our PTA

We hope you are able to join our Bedford Heights’ PTA this year. It is a small fee of $7!

The PTA provides birthday recognition to our students and pays for all student field trips. The organization also sponsors our Dad’s Club and creates wonderful experiences during holidays for your children!