eBook Usage Statistics

April 2015

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Promote Reading Over the Summer

  • Encourage students to utilize the eBook shelf over the summer
  • Inform rising 6th and 9th graders that they will need to access their current school eBook shelf until August 1st.
  • August 1st all student data will be updated in Destiny and they will be able to log in at their new School.

April eBook Circulation Statistics Update- Over 28,000 circulated this month.

Thank you to everyone for all of your hard work and dedication to preparing your lessons and training your staff and students in the use of the eBook shelf and Classroom Connections. You are a tremendous group of professionals to work with.

The GCS eBook Access statistics for the entire district are as follows: (This includes read online and checked out)

  • Please continue to reteach and promote the eBook shelf with your students whenever possible.
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Congratulations to the top 20 eBook users in the county:

  • Many of you are doing a tremendous job promoting and using eBooks at your schools.
  • Keep up the good work!
  • If you are doing anything special to promote eBooks at your school, please share with others.
  • I sent out individual statistics yesterday.
  • Thanks again and keep up the good work promoting the eBook Shelf at your schools.
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Increasing your eBook Usage at the Elementary Level

Joanna shared great ideas to help increase eBook usage statistics at your schools at our elementary PLC.

    • Promotion Opportunities:

      • Grade Level or Department Level Planning

      • Pulling books for unit plans

      • Parent Nights

      • Summer Library Story Times

      • Media Class

      • Technology Class

CLICK HERE to access her PowerPoint