Rountree Report

March 14, 2016

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Welcome Back!

If you have not scheduled an observation please do so by the end of the week. Observation doesn't have to happen by the end of the week only communication about scheduling it.

(I have extended the report card window to Wednesday at 5 per teacher request.)

Below is important information about the Cardinals field trips for our upper grades. Pay close attention to the lunches section.

Lunches – Lunches will be provided by the ball park or students may bring sack lunches from home. Ball park meals will be a hot dog, apple and juice box. For students who eat at the park, nutrition services will charge student accounts based on whether they are full or reduced priced. If students have an allergy, they may pack a sack lunch from home. The ball park will not be able to provide special meals. Students will eat lunches inside the ballpark. Don't forget to notify the cafeteria!

Tickets and Seating – Tickets to the event are free. The Springfield Cardinals will deliver tickets to your school prior to the events. The Cardinals ask for teachers to NOT distribute tickets to students until they are in the game as this allows for faster admittance with scanners. Tickets are general admission seats in the grassy area at Hammons Field so teachers might want to bring blankets for seating.

Permission Slips – You may use the Travel Permission and Medical Consent Form found on the SPS Risk Management webpage to secure parent/guardian permission prior to the events.

Monday, Mar 14

Work day

Tuesday, Mar 15

We are a polling site (UGH!) and expect a pretty large turnout. PE will be outside weather permitting and lunch will be in the classrooms. Mandy and I will come around to offer you a quick break. Talk about a welcome back from break:)

We are going to try something new. We will dismiss from the large playground. Everyone take your students out and line up as you do for a fire drill around 3:25. Students can be seated in their line. All extra hands to help at dismissal are appreciated due to the high volume of people we will have here for voting.

Staff meeting--Our meeting will be a MAP training meeting for grades 3-5 and others that are directly involved with administering the MAP. Grades K-2 this would be a good time to do some additional PYP collaboration or planning.

Wednesday, Mar 16

4th grade field trip 9-12

I will be out at Principal's meeting

Explore assembly 3:00--we will dismiss from the gym

Thursday, Mar 17

Throwback Thursday

Bus evacuation drill 9

Kdg field trip 10:30-1:30

Friday, Mar 18

Nothing yet

Canvas Page survey

Certified staff members---Please click on the google link below and complete the 2 question survey by Wednesday, March 16th. I will be using this to determine who needs to be a part of our Canvas page 101 training during the day on the 23rd. I will email you if you need to request a half day sub for that day.
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Writing Conference Tips

One of the hardest parts about teaching writing is the 1:1 conference. Here are some tips for conferring with primary writers:

  • · Keep it short, definitely under 5 minutes.
  • · Respond as a reader to the content first.
  • · The student should do most of the talking, so ask good questions.
  • · Ask why. Why did the writer make the choices he or she made? Purposeful writing for a specific audience.
  • · Try not to do the thinking for the writer. Let the writer make decisions about what to do next. The writer must be invested.
  • · It’s not about the perfect product. It’s about the process. Focus on that rather than the need to fix everything.
  • · Encourage revision based on what would help your reader. Whether that creates a more clear picture, is more engaging, or provides more information.
  • · The message and ideas conveyed are the main thing. Editing for conventions is important, but not the main thing.
  • · Notice what the writer is doing well. Focus on what is in the piece, not just what is missing.
  • · Give the writer just a couple of things to work on, not a list of corrections. Focus on what will move the student forward as a writer.
  • · Make connections to books, authors, and articles students have experienced. Connect reading and writing.
Employee Recognition

Take some time to nominate a colleague this week. You are doing outstanding things! Let's recognize each other!