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~ Hawley School Newsletter: November 7, 2020 ~

From the (HOME OFFICE) Desk of Mr. Moretti.....

Dear Hawley Parents/Guardians, Teachers, and Staff,

I begin by sharing that although I am in quarantine out of an abundance of caution, my family and I are well and I continue to work remotely. Thank you for all the kind words and well-wishes that have been shared. My expected return is Friday, 11/13.

The last two weeks at Hawley were fun as we tried to do some normal school things during abnormal times.

Buckle up, keep your hands and feet in the car at all times, and stay seated as you read on to find out What's Happening at Hawley .......

~ Giving Mr. M a HAND ~

I wanted to do a fun activity with every student in the building and make something that we all could see. I felt that it gave us a little sense of connectedness during this time of distancing/separation.

I visited every classroom and read a fun story about Falling Leaves (Fletcher and the Falling Leaves). Everyone then traced their hand and made a leaf. All leaves were then hung in the hallway as a School-Wide Bulletin Board.

I tried to read the story as "quietly" as I could but it was difficult

(ask your child how I did and about my finger ;0)


Big picture
Big picture

Lexia Reading Program

The District has made Lexia accessible for all students. It is a wonderful online reading program that is extremely beneficial for students in improving reading skills and ability. Students should utilize it as often as possible.

We are carving out time for them to be on it in school. We realize that since devices have been returned to school, it may be a hardship to do at home. If there is any device at home (desktop, laptop, ipad), it would be very helpful for your child to spend some time on this program. It can be nightly, every couple of days, or even on weekends. Whatever you can do will help your child. We are not making it homework while devices are with us, but it is strongly encouraged.

Every student has an account that has been shared by teachers. If you are unable to find it, please reach out to your child's teacher. Our Language Arts Consultant, Mrs. Vitarelli, has created a Parent Video that goes over how children can log in to Core5 and what the student interface looks like. Ignore the pre-test information as students have already taken it. Click HERE for the video.

This is something that students should be able to do independently. Your support is greatly appreciated.

~ Veteran's Day ~

Veterans Day is a very special day at Hawley School. In the past, we have hosted our veterans for breakfast and a celebration. This year, due to the current pandemic, we will be celebrating Veterans Day a little differently. To honor the veterans in our school community and families, we are asking students to fill out Stars of Honor, which were sent home last week. If you know a veteran, please have your child fill out a star with dark ink. Include the veteran’s name, rank, branch, and years of service. Please cut out the star, and if you wish, you may also include a picture and/or decorate your star as well. Then return the star to school to be posted.

Third and fourth grade students also have the option of participating in an art/writing assignment. Some pieces will be featured in our Veterans Day virtual celebration. Both assignments were due on Friday, but we will accept submissions on Monday as well!

On Veterans Day, our entire school community will participate in a virtual celebration. In addition, students will be writing Thank You notes to Veterans that will be shared with active duty service members and VFW organizations. If you have a family member who is a member of the military and you would like us to share cards with their unit, please send all mailing information to connorsj@newtown.k12.ct.us.

Elementary School Counselor's Newsletter

Click HERE for the Elementary School Counselor's Fall Newsletter. It contains some COVID Anxiety Tips, Screen Free Activities and other helpful resources.

Math SuperStars

Math Superstars is Back!

There are some changes to the program so please read the Welcome Letter that was sent home in folders and is posted on the Hawley PTA Math Superstars page. First worksheet for grades 1 - 4 was due November 6th. Kindergarten will begin late-January. Participation is voluntary and can start at any time. Program will end mid-May.

Link to the Hawley PTA Math Superstars page:


Link to Google Form - Registration:


Link to Google Form - Weekly Progress:


~ Hawley Halloween ~

Important Reminders / General Info

  • Wednesdays are all 2-Hr Early Release Days until further notices. We dismiss at 1:37 pm, please plan accordingly.
  • Please make sure that if you borrowed a District Device (ipad or Chromebook) that you have returned it. If not, please make this a priority as we need them back to use them in classrooms for instruction and assessment, as well as begin to reassign them so every student has access to one.
  • THANK YOU for all your support at drop off and pick-up. It takes everyone's cooperation to work and we are ALL IN!!!

Dates to Remember

  • Wed, 11/11: 2 Hr Early Dismissal- Professional Development
  • Wed, 11/11: Veteran's Day
  • Wed, 11/18: 2 Hr Early Dismissal- Professional Development
  • Wed, 11/25: 3 Hr Early Dismissal- Professional Development
  • Thurs-Fri, 11/26-11/27: NO SCHOOL- Happy Thanksgiving

~ Out of the Mouths of Babes....~

Mr. M went to every classroom and all students traced hands as part of his leaf collection project.

"I hope you all enjoyed the story " Mr. M said

"YES! " shouted the students

"And I appreciate you all giving me a "Hand" with my project " Mr. M joked

"Ugh, that was bad " said student 1

Mr. M added, "Well, I guess we're done, time for me to leaf "

To which student 2 said, "Principal jokes are just as bad as Dad jokes "

"and he's both " added student 3

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