Terrific is specific with the issues.

Our Platform

We believe that our coumtry should stay free. We want to even out taxes for the wealthy and poor,help education, lower health care prices. We would also like to make sure everyone has jobs and soldiers are safe while fighting.

Terrific: (Emma)

22 year old Cam Newton says, "Ya'lls party is great and ya'lls issues are amazing. "He bellives that we can make a difference and we are the best to represent America.

Our Summary: (Mary Lee Allen)

Our party "terrific" is most definetly your party! We believe that if you elect our canidate there will be more jobs and better teachersin all school systems. Then clean up areas that really need it. We will create more jobs in low class areas. Our canidate is Mary Lee Allen and she will ask any body questions and try to incorperate there ideas into plan.


For Education we will help children who can't afford school. in the poor areas our focus will be on increasing jobs. We will also let parents get very involved by more report cards. We will also make sure that all of our teachers are propperly trained, and have a college degree. In concluision we will make schools safe with great learning!