Religious Wars of Africa

By: Alex Rose and Brandon Gallimore

Religions Of Africa

In Africa there are four main religions: Christianity, Islam, the African traditional religion, and Judaism. These religions are the basis of some conflict throughout the continent. The Rwanda Genocide, the second largest killing of people in the twentieth century, was caused by a conflict of religion in the country of Rwanda. In Nigeria, there was a war between the muslims and christians of the region which resulted in the death of thousands. These are only a couple examples of the many religious conflicts throughout the continent of Africa, not only between opposite religions but sometimes between the same religion.


The causes of these wars are religion, but the differences in the religions can be looked at as the causes of these conflicts. The way that the people percieve their own religion also causes conflict, such as when the people combine their old religion with the new one, causing a variation in beliefs and arguments about which ones are true.


These difference cause wars, murder, and even genocide. The Rwanda Genocide is one example of how religious differences have caused violence. During the Rwanda Genocide, 800,000 Tutsis were brutally murdered by the Hutus of their same region(Fisanick). Another example is the nigerian conflict, which has been going on since the 1970s(Habeeb). The Christians and the Muslims are the ones fighting, and every year hundreds of people are killed because of their religious background.


There are not many solutions for these conflicts, as they have been going on for so long. The best solution for these conflicts would be for people to just accept the fact that others have different religious beliefs. If people could understand that, none of these things would happen.


Though religion is an important part of many peoples lives, it causes conflicts that can only be resolved through understanding. These religious differences are going to exist no matter what, but if people would just let others exist, it would cause conflicts or wars.

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