The Roche Report

September 19, 2014

What Are We Learning?

Science: We have been studying Series and Parallel Circuits. This helped us understand a string of lights (Christmas lights). We used a battery as an energy source and lightbulbs to create models of each of these types of circuits.

Math: We have been practicing following rules to create patterns. We also have looked at organizing numbers into a table and looking for rules. We are continuing to work towards automatic recall of our math facts using the web based program xtra math and games within the classroom. Keep practicing at home!

Language Arts: We are reading aloud "Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library." This week we took a look at literary elements through the story "On The Banks of Plum Creek." We identified characters, setting, plot, theme.

Social Studies:This week we celebrated and learned about Constitution Day. We learned that the Constitution is a document that helps our country have laws. We discussed laws and rules at home, school, and in our community.

Log Into Reading and Math at Home

Your child has access to reading and math curriculum materials at home through the internet. By visiting the website above, your child can log in and view videos, text, and extra practice materials for both reading and math! Their login information is stored in their binders!

We are learning to to take tests online. With online access you will be able to see their scores and tests online to review their progress.

Brain Breaks

We have been visiting daily to take "brain breaks." These breaks allow our bodies and brains to move and reenergize before starting new lessons. The students enjoy picking which "brain break" we complete!! It is important to keep our minds fresh each day.

Box Tops for Education

Keep collecting Box Tops!! You can send them into school with your child in a zip lock baggie with your child's name, grade, and teacher written on the outside! Each box top is 10 cents for Kramer!!