June News!!

The Stella & Dot Way

Summer is here but the Fashion Industry is thinking about Fall! Yep that's right the Fall Preview Line is here!! And let me tell you Stella & Dot just keeps out doing themselves! It is stunning and now we have a necklace that can be worn 6 WAYS!!! Although these are the fall preview items they can be worn year round, so head on over to my website to check them out! http://www.stelladot.com/sites/erinlberaskin/?lc=en_ca
Don't forget about DOT DOLLARS! Earn them until June 15th and Redeem anytime between June 25-July 2. For Every $50 spent you can apply one $25 Dot Dollar! Hello Deal!!
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June Sign up Special!

Ladies, if you are loving the Stella & Dot Style and thinking you need to get out more I can help!! Not only do I have a room full of beautiful accessories (most I have earned for FREE) but I get out a couple of times a month, meet new people all the time and overall just have a good time! We have a crazy sign up deal right now!! Sign up for $199 and get $350 worth of accessories plus your business in a box and when you sell $1000 in your first 30 days you earn that $199 BACK!!! Just send me a message and we can meet for coffee to talk about it!
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Summer is just getting HOT Watch out for our Fall Line release in July and a HUGE sample sale at the end of July! The sample sale will be at my house, those details will come later!