Battle of Gettysburg

July 1st- July 3rd, 1863


George Meade- George Gordon Meade was a career United States Army officer and civil engineer involved in the coastal construction of several lighthouses.He was the general for the Union.

Robert E. Lee- Robert Edward Lee was an American general known for commanding the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War from 1862 until his surrender in 1865.

What Happened?

As the days of fighting continued, the more vicious each army was with each other. On the third day, the assault known as Pickett's Charge managed to pierce the Union's army, but failed, costing the lives of 51,000 confederate casualties. With the loss of lives for the confederates, the union took control of the battle and slayed the confederates.

Some of the Chaos

What is the significance of this battle?

The loss of Lee's army kept the Confederates from invading the North fr a second time. More than 51,000 casualties fell during the three-day battle, thus making it the bloodiest battle in history. This was also the turning point of the civil war because it was such a large win for the union.

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