Asia Brooker

Period. 4


I would describe my family as unique and very outgoing. There are 9 of us in one house, good thing my house isnt small. I have 3 sisters; older sister is 21 and her name is Felicia. Felicia is the mean one, smart but very naggy. I have a sister thats 15 and her name is India. India is another smart one, she nice and quiet but she's very slick under her breath. Last but not least is the baby girl. Her name in Twanda and she is 13. Twanda has the worst attiude, very slick with her mouth and she knows it. I have little brothers, one name is Micheale and the other name is Marquis. Mike is the but has a temper at the sametime. Marquis is mean to me but nice to the rest. Im guessing thats cause I like to tourture him. My mom name is Twanda and she's very loving. My stepdad name is Micheale and he is fun and cool , and my grandmother name is Dorthy , she's very loving and will go out of her way to make sure we are good. I love my family , you dont get to pick and choose who to have in it but im lucky to call them that .

About Asia . . .

So enough about them. Im Asia, im 17 and im from Delaware. Im very outgoing, I can be a little mean most of the time but I have a good heart. I will go out of my way to make sure the people around me are okay even though some may not do the same. Im a Scorpio and my birthday is November 3rd, I will be turningh 18 soon but not soon enough. Im so into fashion and modeling. I love being in heels ans on the runway, im in love with it and its my life. I would love to be a runway model, I repeat a RUNWAY model. Im not very good at people taking my pictires sadly. But I can bring life into a room when I strut. I only have a few friends and I like it that way, I usually keep to myself but very interactive with people . Im very open but very secreative. I would like to basically describe myself as unique, theres not another me, so get yourself a me, your parents will fall in love :)