Should the drinking age be lowered?


I feel as if the drinking age should be lowered because of certain reasons. This is a common conflict in the United States. Should 21 be the legal drinking age? Should it be lowered? That's for you to decide.

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U.S Soldiers

Why is it that at the age of 18, young adults are able to sign their life away. They are allowed to be transported over seas , yet they are unable to legally even take a sip if alcohol? I personally find this a little ridiculous. If one is adult enough to fight for and die for a country, they should be able to drink alcoholic beverages.
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Since alcohol is considered such a "bad thing" for anyone under the age of 21, it makes minors more curious about it. Being a teenager , minors are more likely to rebel against something that is made out to be so forbidden . I believe that minors should be taught more about the effects alcohol can have on your body
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By the time a man or women turs 18, they are most likely going to be on their own soon. Some are even going to college soon, and lets be honest; drinking in college is something that seems to be the normal thing to do. Believe it or not , alcohol can do very bad things to ones body if used improperly. So here is an example. An 18 year old man walks into a party that happens to have alcohol. He has never drank before , but he had heard about the effects so he thinks he will be okay. The young man then tries to be impressive by showing how "macho" he is and drinks way more than he should have. He then gets alcohol poisoning and barely escapes death because he had just made it to the hospital in time. No parent should have to worry about things like that , and it would be a lot easier for parents to teach their kids the correct way to consume alcohol in a safe environment if the legal drinking age was dropped.
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A common thing

If the drinking age is lowered, it would be a more common drink in a younger community. This would lead too less people over drinking and getting themselves into trouble and or seriously injuring themselves. Young adults in a drinking environment can make them see that reckless drinking behavior has serious consequences. It can lead to very poor choices and can hurt you.
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Being 18 years of age in the U.S considers a man or women an adult. They are able to be on their own and legally make their own decisions. So why cant they drink alcohol? Most young adults want to do what they want. At this point in life they are seen as an adult all throughout the government. If one messes up and gets into legal trouble they are tried as an adult. So what makes a difference in an 18 year old adult and a 21 year old adult? They are treated the same in every aspect of life except for drinking.

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At 18, a person in the United States is aloud to vote. They are aloud to be a part of the election to pick the president. If an 18 year old is aloud to take part in electing the leader of our country, it just does not make since to not allow them to drink. This is a big responsibility as an American . IF an 18 year old is responsible enough to vote then they are responsible enough to drink.
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Alcohol related incidents

If you did not know, The united states is the only country with a drinking age of 21. Yet for some reason we have one of the highest amounts of alcohol related injuries in the world. Sources say that 1 person dies in the United States every 53 minutes due to drunk driving crashes. Every day 28 people die in America due to drunk driving crashes. I feel as if making the drinking age lower, it will make people more responsible and knowledgeable about drinking.
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It seems that the only reasoning behind the legal drinking age being 21 is maturity. Maturity does play a big factor in drinking responsibly. Anyhow , there is no evidence that supports that one is more mature simply because they are older. For example a man who is 50 years old is no more or less responsible than a 20 year old man. Maturity is a matter of ones mind set and being able to handle things in a responsible way. It is not a matter of age.
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I am very much for the drinking age being lowered. I do however think that it should only be 18 years of age due to the fact of 18 is when one is considered an adult.