The Gingerbread CHG

Asking Price:$12,000

Why the Gingerbread Chg is the best selection?

The CHG is obviously an on-road vehicle only, but assuming Mr. Claus could make it out of the Arctic Circle in a minivan (maybe the reindeer could tow him), there's plenty of pavement in the rest of the world. To the elve's credit, it offers all-wheel drive, so slippery winter streets wouldn't be a problem. And for gift-sack capacity in passenger vehicles, you just can't beat a minivan. Throw in the CHG's 16.4-inch rear entertainment screen with dual-view capability -- bored elves are mischief-prone, as you may expect -- and you have some strong sleigh-replacement credentials.The CHG would make a great ride for this jolly old fellow! This mini van has seating for up to eight people inside, which means he can bring all of his helpers along with him! After all, it takes more than just one person to be able to deliver presents to every boy and girl in one night. The CHG is also versatile with a ton of cargo space and folding rear seats, so Santa could fit all of the presents he needs inside!

This car is excellent for your Christmas Errands.


  • Room for tons of presents and a bunch of elves
  • Dual-view entertainment system keeps the little helpers happy
  • Being higher off the road means that there’s much better visibility, making the minivan a great deal safer.
  • This van has its image, but it still has an ability to make it through a heavy snow.
  • The Minivan will most likely get better gas mileage
  • Requires paved roads
  • Driving an uncool minivan could tarnish Santa's image
  • A new minivan is expensive.

Secret Features...

  • In-floor storage
  • Tire-pressure warning system
  • Adjustable pedals or telescoping steering wheel
  • Reverse-sensing system or rearview camera
  • Traction and stability control
  • The back can turn into a sleigh
  • Cookies and milk dispenser
  • Beard trimmer

Wait there's more!

  • Involves an all christmas song radio player
  • All around the world GPS
  • Naughty and Nice list checker