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What's the deal with borrowing computers from the library?

Students who do not have a computer are welcome to come borrow one from the library. If a student doesn't have access to a computer on a daily basis, they should get the Chromebook user contract signed by a parent or guardian so that they can borrow a computer for as much time as they need it. (Yes, they can go home with students if the user contract is signed) If a student has forgotten their computer, it has run out of battery or is otherwise unusable for the day, they are welcome to borrow a unit for that day only and must return it by the end of the day.

How do I check out a whole set of books for my class?

The best way is to fill out this easy Google form,

or if you're having trouble with the form just shoot me an email.

Check out our featured display, Banned Books!

This month we are talking about Banned Books in honor of Banned Books Week September 27th - October 3rd.
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