Earth's Water

A Geographic View

The Water Cycle

All of the lakes, rivers, oceans etc. make up part of the Earth known as hydrosphere. Almost all of the hydrosphere is salt water. Salt water is in some lakes, seas, and the oceans. However the remainder of the lakes, rivers and spring are freshwater.

Bodies Of Salt Water

Earth's ocean and seas are more prominent than the landmasses. 70% of the Earth is water. however a huge portion of the 70% is saltwater. Fresh water is only a very small portion of Earth's water.


Geographers divide the Earths bodies of water into four oceans: Pacific, Atlantic, Indian,and the Arctic.

The pacific ocean is the largest of the oceans, and covers more area then all of Earths land combined.

Seas, Gulfs, and Bays

These are bodies of saltwater, and are smaller than Oceans. They are often closed by land. The Mediterranean Sea is the most largest of the seas. Scientist has discovered 66 separate Seas, Gulfs and Bays.

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Ocean Water to Drinking Water

Even though 97% of the Earths water is in oceans, it is too salty to drink, to farm with. The process to remove the salt from the water is called Desalination, which is still in the early stages of development. Because it is still in development only a small amount of freshwater is obtained this way.

Bodies of Fresh water

Only about 3% of earths total water is freshwater. More than 2% of the total water is frozen.

Lakes, Streams, and Rivers:

A lakes is a small body of water completely surrounded by water. Most lakes contain freshwater. Most lakes are found where glacial movement has cut deep valleys. Flowing water forms the streams and rivers. Rain, runoff, and water from tributaries, swell rivers as they move towards a lake, gulf, sea, or ocean.

Ground Water

Freshwater lies beneath the earths surface, and comes from rain, and melted snow that filter through the soil. Wells and springs tap into groundwater and are important water sources for most of the rural areas. Aquifers and ground water are important sources of freshwater.