the glass castle

Real world issues

Mental illness

“Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is characterized by severe, unstable mood swings, impulsivity and instability, poor self-image and stormy relationships.” I believe Rose Mary has this disorder because she is always having mood swings and has a low self-image. Also she has a stormy relationship with rex. When Rose Mary started teaching again she would have mood swings sometimes. She didn’t know who she was and always say bad things about herself.

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I think Rose Mary and rex are rebellion because they are trying to run away from the law. Civil disobedience is a public, non-violent and conscientious breach of law undertaken with the aim of bringing about a change in laws or government policies. When Rex and the others were running away from the police they were showing civil disobedience by not stopping and pulling over. The walls are always moving because Rex believes that the bill collectors are coming after him. They are showing civil disobedience by not going by the laws.

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“Research has shown conclusively that familial transmission of alcoholism risk is at least in part genetic and not just the result of family environment.” Rex is an alcoholic and he has affected the people around him. Alcoholism is genetic and can pass on from genes. Rex’s family is also alcoholics and I think that’s where he gets it. His parents drink just like him and so does the rest of his family.

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The HEARTH act could have helped Jeannette and her family get a home. Jeannette and her family were homeless almost all the time. The HEARTH act could have gave them a place to live and helped them to get on their feet. They could have helped them find a home and get them in programs like the supporting housing program.


Yes, I think that Jeannette’s parents should have lost their parental rights. I think that they were not fallowing the parental rights. Rex was an alcoholic and that is an involuntary termination. Also rex and rosemary has a failure to support or maintain contact with the children. Rex and Rose mary are not doing their parent responsibilities.

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school attendance laws

Yes, I think that Jeannette’s parents exhibited educational neglect. They did not follow the rules that kids under 12 have to go to school. When Jeannette and her family lived in the dessert they did not go to school. Rex taught them things but they still have to go to school. I think that they were homeschooled but they didn’t follow the laws of being homeschooled.

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