The Ghettos

By: Malik, Alexander, Tierra, Abby, and Ethan

What Are the Ghettos?

In 1939, during the Holocaust; in Europe the Germans were capturing Jews to control them until they figured out a plan to destroy the Jewish population. They put the Jews in places that they called Ghettos. Ghettos were cities and areas that were often enclosed to concentrate the Jewish population and also force them to live under horrible conditions.

During World War II

“The Germans regarded the establishment of ghettos as a provisional measure to control and segregate Jews while the Nazi leadership in Berlin deliberated upon options to realize the goal of removing the Jewish population” (Ghetto, 3). This relates back to the central idea because the Germans created neighborhoods and put the Jewish people by force into that area as the first step towards Hitler’s insane plan to eradicate the Jews.-----"Alexander"
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Daily Life

The Germans ordered Jews residing in ghettos to wear identifying badges or armbands and also required many Jews to perform forced labor for the German Reich. (Ghettos, Par. 6). They made the Jews wear identifying badges or armbands because they separated Jewish communities from the non-Jewish population and from other Jewish communities. Since there was also three different types of ghettos they would know where they were from and there were at least 1000 ghettos. The boot camps often pointless and humiliating, and imposed without proper equipment, clothing, nourishment, or rest—formed a core part of the concentration camp regimen.------"Tierra"
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The article states that "A ghetto police force enforced the orders of the German authorities and the ordinances of the Jewish councils, including the facilitation of deportations to killing centers." (Ghettos, Par. 6). The article is talking about how there were special police forces for the ghettos to enforce their laws. Sort of like how we have police to enforce out laws they had police to enforce their laws. (Below is a photo of one of the police forces from the "Lodz Ghetto")------"Abby"

Resistance Efforts

In the article the author shares that, “the Germans generally forbade any form of consistent schooling or education” (Ghettos, 7).This relates back to the story because the German’s wanted the jews not to go to school at all. The German’s were trying to control the Jew’s by not educating them and keeping them from from doing things that German’s can do. The Jews were forced into the ghetto’s losing all freedom. It was also hard to buy stuff not only because of money but because their Jewish, people were afraid to give them any stuff because they might get killed for it.------"Malik"

In Hungary

“In Hungary, ghettoization did not begin until the spring of 1944, after the Germans invaded and occupied the country (Hungary, 9)”. In less than three months Hungarian Gendarmerie with the help of German deportation experts from the Reich Main helped concentrate nearly 440,000 Jews all over Hungary except for the city of Budapest in short-term destruction ghettos. This supports the central idea because this was just another step in the equation to destroy the Jews.-----"Ethan"
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Now Think About This....

Now that you know what the ghettos were and what happened inside of them; What kind of major impacts do you think the ghettos had?


"This article was created by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C."