STAAR Writing - From Score 2 to 3

Every Sentence Counts!

Adding Value to a Composition

Struggling writers must know what is useful information to include in their writing. By reading an essay with students and asking questions to improve clarity and/or reasonableness, they are able to see which sentences or ideas add value to their composition.

Agenda for January 5, 2015

  1. Discuss the grade 4, 7, and EOC I mentor essays from V. Young.
  2. Identify the positive & negative aspects of the mentor essays.
  3. Each teacher receives a score point #2 student essay to revise.
  4. Teachers delete unnecessary or repetitive sentences during the revision process.
  5. Teachers rewrite the student papers.
  6. Teachers read the before and after essays in small groups.
  7. Implications for the classroom are discussed.

Implications for the Classroom

Why is this important?

How will the student know what they should keep in the essay?

How much instruction will be needed for students to be successful with this strategy?

When is the best time to teach this strategy? How many times?