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To Our Loving Growing Community,

I know the questions on all of your minds, is when we will reopen. The truth is, I do not know. It frustrates me daily to feel like the fitness industry was wrongfully left out of phase 4, or perhaps we were never truly included in it, who knows. As much as I can sit here and dwell, worry, scream and cry, it truthfully get's me no where.

As I am reminded by the Universe, as I have been reminded plenty of times before, that I am not in control.

This week specifically, I sat with my husband, my rock, asking what can I do, coming at him with all my grandiose ideas, and trying to figure it all out, and he kindly reminded me, yet again, "You can't figure it all out, because you don't know"

As many of you know, the governor took us out of phase 4 and has mandated that our doors remain closed, indefinitely. This prompted a class action lawsuit between the State of New York and The Fitness Industry, which we are actively apart of. Our case has been presented to the Judge, but not ruled on, and will not be done so until August 20th, 2020. So there's the simple fact that I won't know until minimum August 20th, and what that ruling may be. It is beyond my control (another lesson I needed the reminder of)

The truth is, they can mandate that our doors stay closed until further notice, or until next year. They can say that we can open the next day with specific protocols, they can say they side with the state, and that we are to remain closed during a this health crisis. Anything is possible, and again, it is beyond control (this is my reminder to myself)

After speaking with my husband the other day, and my frustrations. I asked myself, "What would you tell someone if they were in your shoes, and coming to you for help" the answer was a simple one, and one I have shared many times before. "Change the story, change the narrative"

So after some contemplation and thought, and leaning into listen. I realized that if I am forced to close my physical space permanently, or if I am forced to close it for a lengthier time, even if all else fails, I AM STILL HERE TO SERVE.

Just like we adapted back in March by going online, I will adapt and find the best solutions to connect with you all in person again! The heart of what we do, will always press on and find a way, it just may be in a familiar way, or a brand new one, and that is OK, because we are yogis, we are flexible and that is what we do, we adapt.

With Love and Light Always,

Some of you have reached out offering advice and support and I am truly grateful for all those who care as much as we do. I just want to explain a few quick things why we have not went outdoors as soon as maybe other places you have seen.

1. Many outdoor spaces require permits you have to pay for and be approved for. Some spaces are doing this without, and some towns are not giving out permits. So I have not explored this option as I have done it in the past, and it is not an easy road.

2. I have small children with whom it is not easy for me to teach in other locations, nor do I have childcare for them at this moment in time to go to outside spaces. (As many of you know, they often came to the studio with me in a pre-covid world)

3. We are also a Yoga School, training Yoga Alliance Certified teachers, to which their training came to an abrupt halt in March. I am happy to announce that they have completed their training (If you see them congratulate them), but was also taking up much of my time and not allowing me to find a way to teach in person classes.

I am however finding a way going forward and the studios new plans are below.

Our Studio From August and Beyond

Virtual Classes

We will continue to hold virtual classes 7 days a week as we have been since March. Each day you sign up for EITHER AM or PM class on MindBody, and a link with the Pre-Recorded class will be sent to you between 9am-10am for that day. The Schedule of Virtual Classes is below.

Sunday-Open Level (30-40minutes)

Monday- Gentle Yoga

Tuesday- Open Level (60 minutes)

Wednesday- Open Level (60 minutes)

Thursday- Gentle Yoga (60 Minutes)

Friday- Open Level (60 Minutes)

Saturday- Open Level (30-40 minutes)

*** The Week of August 22nd-30th The studio will be closed. There is a specific class Located in Mindbody called Week of Classes on August 21st. If you sign up for this class you will get an email with 7 pre-recorded classes from the past to still have access to guided yoga that week*

*Below is a Gentle Virtual Practice that is available to all free of charge for the next week*



Change is the only thing that is constant in our lives. There will always be ups and downs , left and rights, pain and peace, struggle and ease. It is not about accepting or resisting change, it is about moving through it, and accepting that it will constantly be a part of our lives, in a way we can learn to rely on. Today we move but changing up familiar poses and sequencing, to let our true emotions reveal to ourselves has we either resist, embrace, or flow with change. 1 block bolster blanket
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OUTDOOR CLASSES *Starts this Sunday 8/2/2020

In Addition to our Virtual Classes we will be adding Outdoor classes 3 days a week in Dani's Backyard. (Please keep in mind this is not the ideal space to practice in, and plan accordingly with sunblock, and possible bug spray)

The schedule is as follows

Sundays: 9:00am-10:00am

Mondays: 7:00pm-8:00pm


*Thursdays: Rain date if needed 7:00-8:00pm*

These classes are located on Mindbody to sign up for. There can be no walk-ins and you much pre-register for the class. These classes are set up in the backyard with social distancing spaced between mats and teacher. You much bring your own equipment, as we can not provide if for you at this time. You will register for the class and will receive and email an hour prior to class with the address, parking instructions, and or if class was cancelled due to weather and rescheduled for the Thursday make up day.

There will be no outdoor classes the week of August 22-August 30th, but will resume on August 31st.

*These outdoor classes will continue during the remainder of our physical closure, and weather permitting, unless otherwise specified by governmental orders (outside training is permitted)or we are to reopen our physical space.


As stated above we do not know when we can reopen our doors of our beloved studio. We HOPE that the ruling be in our favor on August 20th, and then plan to reopen our doors in the beginning of September.

At this time there are no guidelines for what we will need to do to reopen, and we as an industry have been advised to be cautious on spending and planning for such things as no specific guidelines have been given.

Below are the guidelines that we have shared in previous emails that we will be utilizing if we are to reopen our physical space.

LiLa Family Yoga New Policies

These are some of the policies we will be having in place upon reopening and what was intended for our phase 4 opening. These policies are subject to change with the guidelines of NYS, and when we can reopen.

  • All classes are mandatory pre-registration
  • Students will be allowed in 1 at a time by the teacher and go to their designated mat spot on the floor
  • Temperatures will be taken upon arrival and recorded, and we may have to refuse you if your temperature exceeds the guideline of NYS of 100.4
  • Masks may be worn, this is NYS guideline, however the WHO strongly suggests not wearing any masks during exercise. See image below.
  • Studio equipment: if you are utilizing our studio equipment, it will be handled by the teacher to give to you, and then placed back in a separate bin, after class to be properly sanitized.
  • Personal Equipment: We will be providing clients with their own "lockers" to keep their equipment (mats, blocks, blankets, strap) These will be sanitized by the owner at the end of class, and placed in their respected bins, and locked. Due to proper sanitation. we can not allow equipment to come back and forth from home to studio, and will not be able to have enough time for everyone to sanitize properly. We will be providing these lockers at no cost to our clients, however if you have your own props you wish to use at home, or in studio you may purchase a brand new studio set or vice versa. If you are interested in this bundle please email us and will order it for you.
  • Class sizes will max out at 9 students and teacher, within ratio of small groups of 10. This allows for proper social distancing measures
  • Students will be dismissed one at a time to either head to lockers or leave studio to avoid crowding in studio
  • All payments can be made on Mindbody by clients in their app, if a client wishes to pay cash, they must notify the teacher and pay at the end of a class to again ensure safety, and not intermingling.
  • At this time, NO walk-ins permitted
  • Cancellation policy and registration of classes strongly enforced.
  • You must cancel 90 minutes before a class, otherwise you will be charged for the class, unlimited will be charged a $5 cancellation fee
  • Registration closes out 60 minutes before class times.
  • Wait lists will be utilized, if a class is booked out you have the option to go on a wait list and be notified if a spot becomes available.
  • Covid-19 Waivers to be signed, stating if you or someone you have come into contact with has tested positive for covid-19 you MUST notify the studio, so we can notify members who may have been exposed.


Pricing and Packages

All packages will be applicable to both Outdoor and Virtual Classes.

Packages will remain on sale as below

5 Packs- 50% of at $32.50

10 Packs- 50%off at $60.00

Unlimited Classes- Without Contract- $100,

(same value as contracted members)

*If you have a packages that has expired and would like to use it for outdoor classes please email us privately, and we will reinstate your package. As stated in previous emails, those who chose not to utilize our online classes, and now our outdoor classes will have their packages reinstated for the duration of our closure. For example if we are to reopen in September, that will be 6 months that we have been closed, packages will be reinstated and extended with a 6 month expiration date*

2020-2021 Trainings

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200Hr and 300hr Teacher Trainings

Our Teacher Trainings and our Yoga School will press on despite of the circumstances that will be laid out for us. A more detailed email about our trainings, and all they entail, and information will be coming out in a few weeks.

Our 200hr Training will begin in October and run through May, as a hybrid model of virtual and in person training. Consisting of 2 Fridays per month, 1 Sunday per month and virtual meetings each week.

Our 300hr Training will begin in January and will be an 18 month program with 2 options.

Option 1 will be to take the completed training for the duration of the 18 months that will consist of modules every other month meeting Thursdays, Fridays, Saturday and Sunday

As well as bimonthly weekly modules in a hybrid model of in person sessions and virtual.

The 300hr can be taken in modules that you accrue over time completing your 300hr at your own leisure, or they can be completed consecutively for the duration of the 18 months.

More information about both of these, with some penciled in dates will becoming soon!

If you are thinking about it, or have any questions regarding either of our trainings, please feel free to email Dani at lilafamilyyoga@gmail.com

Join Our Fight

We try to always keep political aspects out of our studio, to keep it a safe space, however the Government has reached into our beloved space by keeping our doors closed. Below is a video of fitness Studios and Gyms all over the state, just looking for a chance to reopen our doors. There are gofundme pages set up, petitions to be signed, also calling and emailing local legislation as well as those up in Albany can greatly benefit our cause.

We can safely open, and help be the first line of defense for the mind, the body and the soul

Watch our video below