National World Kindness Day

By Kristen Purisima

November 13th


I feel like this holiday should be celebrated and recognized more. I think this because everyone has been mean to someone and now and then we forget about being nice to everyone. A day should be celebrated when every single person is nice to one another. Although bullying and this topic is talked about at schools a lot, there is still hate going on in the world. So why not have a day where everyone is nice and kind? Will you celebrate World Kindness Day this November 13th?

Why Should This Holiday Be Emphasized and Celebrate More?

  1. As much as this topic is talked about, why is there still hate in the world? We need to address the topic more and by having a day to simply celebrate an easy character trait that everyone should have is important
  2. Think about how many people get bullied. Think about how many people are bullies. Not like it should even matter, but what if there was a day where no one was popular. No one was a "nerd" or "ugly" or "weird." The more we celebrate this holiday, the more kindness will spread across the world!
  3. Why not? Why does it hurt to take one day out of the rest of the 364 days you have to do something kind. It could be as simple as saying someone was beautiful or giving a homeless person money.