Elementary Technology Camp

Explore Computer Programming in a Fun and Engaging Way!

Beginning Computer Programming

Course 1 will allow early readers to solve progressively difficult problems in a game like format. Students will "write instructions" to move characters through a maze, learn how to "debug" a program and even use loops with repeated actions. This course is intended for students entering first and second grades.

Course 2 is designed for students entering third through fifth grades with little or no computer programming experience. Students will write instructions, debug programs, use loops and conditional statements, and create a simple interactive story. Students will also learn the meaning of digital footprint which will help students to understand that publishing information about themselves online creates a digital footprint or "trail" that has consequences. If time we may begin Course 3.

Date: June 22-26 at The Brook Hill Lower School Computer Lab

Course 1: Boys/girls entering first and second grades, time is 10:00-11:00 am
Course 2: Boys/girls entering third, fourth and fifth grades, time is 9:00-10:00 am
Class size limit of 16 students per course. No supplies are needed. Snack will be provided. Cost per student is $50.00.

Minimum class size is 6 students.

Technology Camp will be taught by Ila England, the current Brook Hill Lower School Library Media Specialist

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Will I need any supplies?
No, no supplies will be needed.
Are there any prerequisite skills needed?
Course 1 requires minimal reading. Course 2 does require reading skills. No prior programming skills are needed.