By: Blake, Cezar, Brian, and Jalen

Provide definition on nonrenewable resource ??

A nonrenewable resource is something like fossil fuels it can't be made over and over again.

Provide ways to conserve resources ??

Ways to conserve energy are not taking a long tome in the shower. More ways are like turning off a light that isn't being used or turning of the TV when your not watching.

How can we use biomass to create a more safe environment than fossil fuels or other nonrenewable resources?

- When we use biomass we don't put out as much toxins.

- Using biomass is a good way to recycle waste and trash.

- Biomass does not pollute the air as bad as gas or propane.

- Biomass is an organic matter.

- Biomass does not create pollutants like sulfur which makes acid rain

What energy resources are renewable and which ones are nonrenewable?

- Biomass- renewable

- Geothermal- renewable

- Hydropower- renewable

- solar- renewable

- wind- renewable

- petroleum- nonrenewable

- natural gas- nonrenewable

- coal- nonrenewable

- uranium- nonrenewable

Short description of the energy sources

Biomass- Uses plants, animals, and waste and burns them to produce fuel and electricity.

How can we preserve energy in the classroom?

#1 We can turn off lights and open blinds

#2 Turn off lights when they are not being used

#3 Use the white board more than the smart board

#4 Not use the outlet too much

#5 Don't leave chargers or extension cords plugged in

How does biomass work? - Sustainability